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#nofilter By Tabea Oppliger & SHOPPER

155.00 NIS 185.00 NIS

Empower Fact Provides ½ hours of rehabilitation employment
Upcycle Fact Uses 0.3m² of upcycled fabric saved from landfill
Design Fact Made of 1 pattern pieces
Made In Israel Made in Israel
Language - English
We have 19 in stock.

Special deal for Author's Day 2022!

In #nofilter KitePride Founder, Tabea Oppliger shows that pioneering a dream involves blood, sweat and tears and that #nofilter is not just a hashtag, but a lifestyle and a calling.

Written straight from her life in Tel Aviv, Israel, a melting pot of different cultures, she tells of her relentless commitment to helping exploited people with her social business "KitePride" and her non-profit organization "GlowbalAct". With each line of this book you will not only be inspired but challenged to become active yourself, to discover your own unique gift and simply to begin with what is in your hands; making hashtags and dreams your reality.

Please note - the SHOPPER color will be chosen at random. Think of it as a mystery bag :) 

Language: English

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