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Yes, we have GLOBAL drop off locations. Too easy!

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Let us turn your “trash” into treasure!

KitePride’s VIP membership is the perfect way to really enjoy the magic of the ocean knowing that you’re doing your part to protect it.

Becoming a KitePride VIP member means that you are joining an international group of incredible individuals who have committed to donating their old kitesurfing kites, wetsuits, parachutes and sails to KitePride rather than simply throwing them out as waste.

Whether you’re still making use of your wetsuit, you’ve owned a kitesurfing kite for years and are ready to get a new one or have just bought yourself a brand new sail or parachute, make a promise for a better future by committing to giving your used fabric to us when it is no longer of use to you!

Beyond the amazing social impact that you will create, you will also be part of a story. Someone buying a KitePride bag next week or next year or in three years (whenever you are ready to donate it) can learn about the story of their bag--what oceans its material flew above, and what awesome person owned it before them! So in order to track where your kite ended up, please take a picture of you and your kite before donating it and send it to us either on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or email.

Become a KitePride VIP member and help us change the world!

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Lets go back to the Beginning.
Who owned the kite that is now an awesome bag and what`s their story?