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We’re in business to provide jobs to women and men exiting human trafficking + save fabric from landfill.

What if we told you, you could be part of the social change and create your OWN product too!
We call this CREATE 1, GET 1.

Through each product you create, you provide a job + save fabric from landfill + connect with the person who created your product.

Think pay it forward. Create your own product. However, the product you create will not be for yourself. It will be gifted to the next group coming through.

When creating products, you will document the process so that the person receiving your product will get a glimpse into how and who created their bag.

The workshop runs for approximately 1.5 hours with a kick off talk from one of the company Founders, followed by the fun and engaging, hands on workshop whereby the group will make and design their own bags - creating a measurable social impact! The content of each group varies according to the demographic.       

KitePride. 24/12/19


The first batch of fanny packs that the first group received was made from none other than....Team KitePride. Check out the hashtag #kiteprideimpacttaglit to see the process. 

TAGLIT. 25/12/19


The second batch of fanny packs were made by TAGLIT who were from Hillel UCLA. Check out the hashtag #kiteprideimpacttaglit to see the process.