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Weekender Duffle

Empower Fact Provides 4½ hours of rehabilitation employment
Upcycle Fact Uses 1.3m² of upcycled fabric saved from landfill
Design Fact Made of 33 pattern pieces
Made In Israel Made in Israel

Duffle dimensions:
52 x 25 x 23 cm (20.5 x 10x 9 in)
29 L (6.4 gal)
700 g (25oz)

We have no doubt that this new member of our collection - the 'Weekender Duffle' will become your essential best friend as it is the perfect carrry-on or luggage bag fit for any occasion.

Each bag is uniquely designed from 17 different UPCYCLED pieces and handcrafted into one big bag of love. With versatile straps and various pockets, the duffle is simply perfect for weekend adventures, a trip to the gym or a big shop at the supermarket.