12 Israeli companies, solutions & brands saving our earth ūüĆé

12 Israeli companies, solutions & brands saving our earth ūüĆé

What does it mean to be an eco-friendly brand?

Over the past several years, many brands have jumped on the proverbial eco-friendly bandwagon. Powerful journalism has brought new awareness to issues facing the environment and how those issues, in turn, affect human health. But what does it take for a brand to actually be eco-friendly? According to ANA, there are four pillars of sustainability: product development, supply chain management, waste reduction, and charitable partnerships. A brand needs to incorporate ethical practices in each of these areas to truly be sustainable.

As important as it is to be environmentally conscious at all times, we at KitePride know that not all changes can happen at once. So, here are a few earth loving Israeli companies and brands we thought you should know of and support. 

1) Modibodi
Underwear that absorbs your periods, perspiration and incontinence - eliminating sanitary products

2) Charlie Banana
Reusable baby products 

3) Tooshaaya
A Sustainable fashion brand

4) Homebiogas 
Machine that converts food leftovers into natural gas for cooking and into garden fertilizer

5) Faran
100% natural cosmetics

6) Pashutyarok
Collect polyethylene foam waste from different factories in Israel and converts it into absorbent safety pads

7) Ubq 
Collects household trash - turning it into plastic substitutes

8) Cecilia Cohen
Recycled Artwork

9) Aleph farms 
Growing delicious, real beef steaks from the cells of cows, eliminating the need for slaughtering animals or harming the environment.

10)Green wall
High-rise building vertical gardens - allowing residents to grow their own food, use minimal amounts of water and soil

11) Green energy 
Green Energy end-to-end solutions

Solutions for drinking water scarcity 

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