5 steps to reduce your carbon footprint this holiday season

5 steps to reduce your carbon footprint this holiday season - KitePride

With a little effort, we can all minimise our impact on the environment during the holiday season. Christmas / Hanukkah can be a time of conspicuous consumption, but with a little effort, we can all reduce the impact of the holiday season on the environment. We can do our bit by buying less and buying better. Being greener doesn’t necessarily mean sacrifice – there are many ways you can reduce your footprint over the break with minimal effort. Read on...


Think local, think ethical. There is no better time than the holiday season to show support to the small guys. Think about your local fruit store, the small upcoming designers and artists, the cute flower man at the end of your street - show them all your support shopping by them. This holiday season stay away from the mass produced, commercial stores that we all dread walking into anyways. 

With plentiful festive parties you have to attend to, whether it be for family, work or friends, we know it can be stressful and expensive to then think about an outfit. Well, in order to best save your money and use it for something good....like a present/s, simply resist the urge to stockpile the sequins this year and shop your wardrobe instead. You will be amazed what you will discover and rediscover hidden away in your wardrobe waiting to be worn. 

When thinking about gift buying, think ethical and sustainable. What does this mean? Instead of buying a one time, throw away present, spend an extra few dollars and buy something that will be of use and will last for years to come....such as a durable bag or perhaps a bag? One good bag can serve for years to come. KitePride bags are all made with sustainable upcycled materials designed to minimise waste, last longer and are committed to ethical and environmentally responsible practices. 

That awful realisation that you forgot to switch off the lights or, heaven forbid, the immersion, and you’re miles from home? Fear not, a small investment in smart plugs, or a smart home app, will allow you to control everything remotely now. Save energy and enjoy the added bonus of a smaller electricity bill in January.

We know how fun it is to open a wrapped gift however, lets face it, the wrapping paper gets torn apart within seconds only to be thrown away and never to be seen again. So why not use recycled paper to wrap your gifts this year. Get creative – brown paper is the perfect substitute for wrapping paper and it gives an awesome rustic feel. Off you go down the DIY rabbit hole on Instagram or Pinterest– for inspiration.

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