The Zell Gives Back Program gave back

The Zell Gives Back Program gave back - KitePride

This year IDC Zell Gives Back Program marked its nine-year in operation. It's been a month since 25 Zell Program alumni and 40 IDC students had the challenge of helping us, a Tel Aviv based social venture, become financially sustainable. The IDC based Zell Entrepreneurship Program has evolved into an acclaimed venture creation program, providing students with an opportunity to apply advanced entrepreneurial studies to the creation of a real business venture. As part of the program’s acceptance process, the students have 20 days to respond to business challenges presented to them by the nominated business venture (us).

Social enterprises by definition challenge the status quo of ordinary business models, revenue streams, company structures, sourcing technologies, and logistics. By partnering with a social enterprise, students were challenged to conjure up creative business strategies whilst delivering results using limited resources and revenue.

Our social business model is unique, dynamic and challenging given our sourcing system and budget. KitePride's business model is such that continuous jobs are created for men and women exiting human trafficking by the sale of each upcycled product. 

We are humbled to have been chosen as the nominated social enterprise for Zell's Give Back Program this year. We believe social enterprise exposure is vital in today's emerging economy, business landscape, and startup ecosystem.

The Zell Gives Back program results were A M A Z I N G!

We were presented with 10 innovative and strategic business plans, spreadsheets, data, imagery, ideas, and strategy. We have already met with several of the suggested points of contacts such as Idan Barzilay an commerce specialist, Shirley from Tollmans, and Chen from Zissu LTD. In addition, we have implemented and started to use Loox, a photo review app, and set up a process that saves time whilst taking pictures from 3 minutes to 20 seconds. 

So, from us to you, Zell 2019, THANK YOU!

Watch us GROW and the awesome impact you've made! :)

Don't let your impact stop here! Continue to support us by buying products for friends/family/colleagues and helping us spread our message! 

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