About Us We Believe in Re:starting People & Kites Lives

Re:purpose kite to bag We RE:imagine a sustainable future, where each kite donated saves our planet from waste and is RE:purposed into a one-of-a-kind bag.

Making an Impact By purchasing a KitePride bag you are providing a safe environment and stable employment for women & men, survivors of prostitution and human trafficking.

Tabea Oppliger Co-founder and CEO

How it All Began Our story started in

Zurich, Switzerland with a chance encounter that would birth the idea to provide survivors of prostitution and human trafficking with a safe and rehabilitating workspace. With the help of our good friend, Rebekka Federer, who conceived the idea to repurpose kite surfing sails into upcycled bags, founders Tabea and Matthias Oppliger turned it into a thriving social business.

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Our impact Since 2018:

  • 35442 One-of-a-kindbags RE:made in TLV

  • 18740 RE:purpose kites, sails & wetsuits

  • 37473 RE:turn a safe space working hours for survivors of prostitution

Our Responsibility

Our goal is to create a second chance for both people and materials, we provide a safe and dignifying working space, paying respectful living wages and saving as many materials as we can from landfills.

Meet the people behind the brand

Born in Papua New Guinea, Tabea & Matthias Oppliger, where their love for nature, water sports, and a sense of community, flourished from an early age.
After returning to Switzerland and starting their family, a chance encounter on the street of Zurich, made them start reaching out to the women & men within the prostitution world.
“We don’t need pity, we need jobs!” was a common sentence reoccurring in conversation.
Realizing that a safe working environment, a respectful living wage, and a second chance are almost impossible for survivors, they decided to build a social business that will provide a safe and respectful working environment, combined with their love for kitesurfing.
Here in Tel Aviv our studio was built, employing up to 15 survivors of prostitution and human trafficking, who now make beautiful one-of-a-kind upcycled bags.

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