All orders take between 24-72 hours to be processed. After processing, orders will be shipped Sunday-Thursday during standard working hours (major holidays excluded).


Once your order is shipped from KitePride warehouse in Tel Aviv IL, the responsibility for product integrity lies with the delivery service used. Although A.I.R. Ltd will deliver to most countries, for deliveries outside Israel, customers may be required to pay import customs duties/taxes. These import customs duties are set at the port of entry by a customs officer and differ from country to country. Import custom duties/taxes are in addition to shipping costs paid to A.I.R. Ltd to cover freight. Import customs duties/taxes are the responsibility of the customer. We recommend customers outside Israel use this free Duty Calculator to estimate the likely import tax in your country.

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Versand Informationen
Bitte informieren Sie sich welche Regelungen Sie als Kunde in Europa haben im Bezug auf die Einfuhr von Waren aus dem Online-Verkauf. Folgend finden Sie Zollinformation für die Länder Schweiz, Deutschland und Österreich. Bitte machen Sie sich vertraut mit den Bestimmungen um nicht auf überraschende Einführungsgebühren zu stossen.


CH.CH - Waren Im Ausland Bestellen

DEUTSCHLAND - Postsendungen & Internetbestellungen aus dem Ausland


Bundesministerium für Finanzen - Internet Shopping


  1. Cancellation of a Purchase may be possible within 14 days of the later of the Product Supply Date or the disclosure delivery date as defined in Section 14C(b) of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981.
  2. A cancellation notice shall be delivered by e-mail address In the cancellation notice, the Customer shall detail the Order Placement Date, Order No. and the reason for which he wishes to cancel the Order.
  3. In any event of canceling an Order not due to a defect or unsuitability, the Customer shall be refunded with the amount of consideration he paid within 7 days of the date on which the Company receives the cancellation notice, less cancellation fee at the lower rate of: 5% of the total transaction amount or NIS 100.
  4. Returning a Product, in the event of canceling an Order not due to a defect or unsuitability, shall be at the Customer's expense. The Product shall be returned when it is intact and in a proper condition, in its original package, together with the original invoice, within 14 days of the Product Supply Date. It is clarified that the Company has exclusive discretion as to the condition and intactness of any such returned Product.
  5. Changing an Order Mailing Address shall not be possible after completing the Order Placing process.


Shipping orders internationally will take at least 7 - 12 work days. Please note that delays can be experienced due to customs and or other variables, which is beyond our control and influence.