empower . love . yoga

empower . love . yoga

empower . love . yoga

International Women's Day 2021

This International Women's Day join our campaign by uniting women through love, community, and yoga.
The Empower. Love. Yoga campaign is a full circle of women selflessly helping other women to enrich their lives through financial empowerment and employment.

Purchase your yoga empowerment bundle to be part of this chain of love and connection as we make a
real difference in women's lives and creating an even brighter tomorrow.

+ YOGA empowerment BUNDLE

+ Laptop Sleeve with Detachable Straps made by KitePride
+ Yoga Strap made by KitePride
+ Dust Bag made by 'IMRA'

When you're on the go and all you need is your laptop sleeve, yoga mat and a bag for your shoes - The UPCYCLED yoga empowerment bundle is for you! 

+ Each laptop sleeve with detachable straps provides 1 ¼ hours of rehabilitation employment for employees at KitePride.
+ Each yoga strap provides ¼ hours of rehabilitation at KitePride.
+ Each dust bag provides an hour of training for women on IMRA.

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The bag is hand sewn in the Tel Aviv based fashion social enterprise KitePride by survivors of prostitution and human trafficking. Each upcycled bag provides safe rehabilitation employment and saves fabric from landfill. The dust bag is sewn by the Jerusalem - based IMRA NGO - a social atelier that trains and employs women at risk in the field of fashion and production.
Hold on, it doesn't stop there!

The yoga bags are used by Yoga Synagoga-Ah, a growing community that has come together around the meditative power of Vinyasa yoga, and the meeting of like-minded people in the public square. Like prayer, Yoga Synagogue-Ah is an experience of time, place, and movement. Fluid and regular yoga sequences enable participants to set the mundane aside for an hour and concentrate on their movement and wellbeing. Yoga Synagogue-Ah! convenes every Tuesday morning at a different public venue. The community is open to all in person and via Facebook Live, and is blind to religion, gender, and other demographics. Participation is free.

Through your bundle yoga purchase, YOU enable continuous safe rehabilitation employment + love + training + yoga flow + everlasting social & environmental impact.
That's H U G E ! 

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Laptop Sleeve with detachable Straps + Yoga Strap

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Dust bag

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