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We live in a world that is so quick to throw away what’s broken. But so often, there’s a lot of treasure in what has been deemed to be trash.

Tabea Oppliger, KitePride Founder

It all started at a conference in 2010 when KitePride founder, Tabea Oppliger, was first exposed to the concerning prevalence and influence of human trafficking. As soon as she left, she was eager to find answers and make a change. As a professional masseuse, Tabea began offering her services to these individuals to try and restore their dignity and sense of self worth. After creating personal connections with these individuals, she found that they all wanted the same thing: OUT. Though they dreamed of leaving the industry, reasons such as financial debt, trauma, lack of skills or education prevented them from doing so. They weren’t looking for pity; they were looking for jobs.

From there, the purpose of KitePride, which was to provide jobs to modern day slaves, was established. However, the HOW needed development. As a kitesurfer herself, Tabea had always been connected to the environment and sustainability, but it was only with the help of Rebekka Federer, a professional seamstress and kiteboarder, that the solution became clear: employing people exiting human trafficking and modern day slavery to upcycle used material to repurpose into trendy and durable bags. We know, it’s a mouthful, but that’s really what we do. People from around the world donate their kitesurfing kites, parachutes, sails and wetsuits to our Tel Aviv-based social business. From that, we turn the material that was considered trash into beautiful bags. It is a twofold solution, and it’s a solution that’s truly making a difference. KitePride gives people and material a second wind. The profit made from every bag sold gets reinvested into the company in order to offer employment to more people in need. Help us find the beauty in what’s been broken.


At KitePride, we want to eradicate modern- day slavery in an environmentally sustainable way.

It’s truly heartbreaking to realize that approximately 25 million people in the world today are living as slaves. It’s even harder to fathom that each one of those people is more than just a statistic--they are real men, women and children who feel pain, who deserve respect, and who are entitled to freedom. Sitting idly by while so many people around the world are stripped of their fundamental human rights is not an option. We must act. We must try to make a difference. Through employing people exiting modern-day slavery to upcycle material headed for the trash, we believe we are beginning to create positive change.


We restore the lives of women and men exiting human trafficking by providing safe rehabilitation employment.


We repurpose materials from kitesurfing kites, parachutes, sails and wetsuits to create our beautiful, lightweight and durable bags.


We recreate the beauty in what had been used and broken.


We’re a social enterprise, operating like any for profit business. 

We invest in all the things necessary to create our high quality products and stay competitive in the market. The main difference between us and other for-profit companies is that we don't have private shareholders. Instead, we are 100% owned by Glowbalact, a registered charitable entity. We always have and always will exist to end modern-day slavery by providing environmentally sustainable jobs. 

We believe that every person has equal value and the right to a life free from slavery.

We believe that our environment should be protected.

We believe there is a way to do both.

In the year 2018 we achieved


Hours of rehabilitation employment


upcycled kitesurfing kites, sails and parachutes


manufactured KitePride Products