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Help us cover the costs of empowering our employees beyond the work environment.

Help KitePride cover the costs of more KitePride workers’ education, health care, coaching and professional counseling, and food.

Empower our employees
beyond the work environment.


Through the One-On-One teaching of our supervisors, they learn what it means to work in a team, to cheer each other on without rivalry, and learn very important practical life skills such as punctuality, reliability, and how to budget their salary. We invest about 750$ each month for this.


On average we spend 90 $ a month to help our employees develop their skills. We commission professional seamstresses and designers to work alongside them on a regular basis. This provides them with valuable input, expanded trade knowledge, and keeps the business current and advancing.


With just 60$ each month, we provide a daily home-cooked hot meal for the entire team and eat together with the goal of fostering a family atmosphere and teaching about good nutrition. We use this as a therapeutic method, since most of our employees have never had this experience.


There are costs from extra time invested in finding and referring to outside sources of assistance when they have a problem. For an average of 75$ a month, we can assist our employees in finding the right doctors, psychologists, counselors, legal advice and cover unexpected health expenses.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”