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Christmas is a time for giving. This often extends beyond friends and family. Giving to charity rewards the brain regions and gives a sense of satisfaction.
One explanation for why it feels good to give is the social approval associated with helping others. Doing things which society values is particularly important to humans and has been associated with reward-related brain activity in studies on a number of behaviours, including giving.
This means we may be more likely to give if there is an opportunity to tell other people about our donation, even if this only includes friends or family.
Giving to friends and family at Christmas may give us a taste of how it feels to spend money to do something nice for someone else. Therefore, certain factors which increase motivations to give may be particularly powerful during the festive period.
Christmas may provide such opportunities to give in a way which others are aware of, for example asking for or giving a donation as a present.
Studies on the psychology of giving suggest that people prefer to donate when they have an idea of exactly what their money can achieve. This is similar in some ways to the preference to buy gifts for people we know, rather than give money, as it’s easier to imagine their enjoyment of an object than cash. Imagining the positive impact of a donated item will be particularly powerful if it is something that the supporter can relate to.
KitePride gives a clear idea and feeling of the social impact that it creates. It provides safe rehabilitation employment by creating up-cycled bags. Each unique, one-of-a-kind upcycled bag is sewn in its safe working environment by a survivor of prostitution and human trafficking.
Why not reward your brain and contribute to create new and continuous jobs and empower people?
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