Through your business, create a SOCIAL IMPACT by adding our wide range of bags to your next events, holiday gifting or company swag. Yes, we do custom branding.


Take pride in your business and your social impact by adding your logo to our wide range of bags for your next business event, holiday gifting or V.I.P team swag.

For each bag you purchase, you are helping the environment and are ensuring continuous rehabilitation employment for women and men exiting human trafficking. Your business is giving them environmentally sustainable jobs--you’re giving people and material a second chance.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) makes you feel good and increases the value of your brand, invoking a personal connection between your clients and brand. Become a leader TODAY by making your social and environmental impact on the world!

Each of our products is UNIQUE in its colour, pattern, design and background story

Customized designs for larger orders

Worldwide shipping

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The product that YOU create will provide a job to the women or man sewing it + save fabric from landfill.


Hear the Founders talk about why + how + what our social business is + the environmental impact

Discover how we fit into the startup world both in Israel + globally

Create your OWN product from up cycled material

Learn about our up cycling process

Experience a brilliant team building day, yom kef or just an awesome excuse to leave the office

Explore your creative and collaborative side

Walk out with your own hand-made tailored upcycled KitePride product

The product that you create will provide a job to the women or man sewing it + save fabric from landfill. 

Talk to us about tailoring the best workshop experience for you (and your team) today! Our content + time delivery adapts based on client requests.