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Big companies today are under more public scrutiny than ever before. With that, many companies want to spread awareness about a social issue that concerns them and get active in making the world a better place. In honor of International Social Justice Day, here are just 5 of the big companies making a difference for those who are less fortunate.

But first, a bit about Word Day of Social Justice. The main objective of celebrating World Day of Social Justice is to raise voice against social injustice and to bring international communities together to eliminate poverty, gender, and physical discrimination, illiteracy, poverty, social and economic exclusion or unemployment and religious discrimination in order to make a socially integrated society. Here are some companies doing their part to fight injustice. 

Based in Provo, Utah, Aptive Pest Control has become one of the most popular pest control companies. Active in 25 states throughout the USA, Aptive protects homes from all sorts of uninvited guests from wasps to scorpions. The company has six pillars by which it swears and one of them is “Be grateful”. With that, Aptive has gone on multiple trips to Ecuador to help build roads to a remote school. Without the paving of these roads, students would have no way to attend school when weather conditions are rainy. In addition to that, Aptive has also donated 10 computers to the school.

In 2015 Microsoft announced it would expand its philanthropic efforts by creating its own organization for philanthropy. With Microsoft Philanthropies, the company’s president, Brad Smithhas committed 75 million dollars to YouthSpark, an organization that helps bring computer science education to underprivileged communities.

Recently, Yoplait came out with an anti mom-shaming campaign. This was a campaign geared towards mothers of all backgrounds who want to break stereotypes and fight unfair judgement. Often people expect mothers to raise their children in a certain way and then judge them when they don’t. Moms On is the title of the campaign and shows mothers in ads facing issues such as public breastfeeding and going back to work.

Stella Artois
One of the most popular beers, Stella Artois has started the “Buy Her a Drink” campaign. This aims to provide clean drinking water to women and children in foreign communities. For every limited edition bottle purchased, a month of clean water is provided to women and their families in developing countries. Meanwhile, a limited-edition pack from a supermarket provides six months’ worth of water.

Bonobos is a mens fashion line that makes philanthropy a part of the company culture. They have a diverse record of volunteer work and community service from places like soup kitchens to cleaning the outdoors. The company has four events per year where employees can partake in a charitable effort. They also organize a clothing and food drive during the winter holiday season. Not only does this help the community but it also helps build team relationships among co-workers.

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