Hot town - get your summer essentials

Hot town - get your summer essentials

It’s officially summer and it’s getting hot in here! Whether you are going on vacation or going on a walk about town in the scorching heat, we searched high & low, so you wouldn’t have to, for Summer 2022 hottest essentials.

So, what are we wearing?

Can’t go wrong with a classic – stow away your dark color, because the white T is back (at least until Labor Day….). it’s simple yet elegant, so versatile, a true classic. Rock it with a beautiful long pattern skirt or under a colorful spaghetti strap dress. Looking for a chic bag to complete the look? meet our girl Karin carry bag.


Peek a boo I see you – crop tops are back in vogue again! Wear them with shorts, skirts or long jeans and pants. But if you do mind the gap, we got bags to help you hide it out. Across or on your midsection, our Shenkar pouches or Freda fanny packs are a wonderful fun edition.

Summer dress & all the rest – yes, yes, it’s time again to take out those pretty pattern, mid to maxi summer dresses. Keep it loose, keep it aired, and don’t let that summer heat keep you down.

Strappy sandals – say goodbye to flip-flops or leave them on the beach, this year it’s all about them two-strap sandals, delicate or Birkenstock, black or colorful, flat or high heeled, it’s time to air out your feet in the summer sun.

Never leave the house without:

Don’t overthink drink! – when the temperatures are going off the roof, keep yourself hydrated all day long with plenty of cool, fresh water. To maintain glowing skin and help you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, try water infusion with lemons, cucumbers, fresh and sweet berries, and cool mint. Use a reusable water bottle to help minimize single plastic use.

Ouch! It burns – when you go out and forget to put sunscreen on. Apply a good measure of lotion on your face, arms, and shoulders before facing the hot day, but once is not enough, keep some sunscreen in your bag to apply again until you are sun safe.

Straw hats and all that – sunscreen is not enough to help you avoid the sun, keep your head chic & safe with a straw hat. It goes with pretty much every piece of clothing you own, from long jeans to shorts, dresses or skirts, and of course a lovely bathing suit.


Cool shades – let your inner diva out and accessorize your face with big, colorful sunglasses to keep those pesky UV lights out. Oversized Jackie-O-Esque, cool pastel-colored farms, Gradient Lenses & statement frames are all the rage this season, rock it with your favorite KitePride bag

And where oh where you are going to put all of that? That’s right BIG bags are back, and they are here to stay. Carry all you need to survive the summer in a big, beautiful, tote bag. Our Gabriella Grande tote bag will carry all you need for a quick shopping trip, a day at the beach, yoga class, or just a fun day around town.

Sneaky snacks – feeling peckish? Always carry a yummy healthy treat in your bag, this will help you avoid the unwanted temptation of unhealthy sugary dishes out there.

Looking for your next summer bag? Start shopping right here.

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