Valentine's Day Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Valentine's day is the perfect excuse to spoil your loved ones, eat chocolate, and listen to cheesy music while celebrating love. But as important as it is to show love for those we care about, it's just as important that we remember to take care of the environment. 

This year, invest in Israeli eco-friendly gifts for your valentine. The market for eco-friendly products is blooming, so finding the perfect gift shouldn’t be an issue. To help, we’ve put together a list of 10 Israeli eco-friendly gift ideas to make this valentine's day special.

Haive was established in 2013 by brothers Archie and Denis Ryabko: They use upcycled old army gear, uniforms, tents and duffel bags turing them into cool new bags, aprons, wallets, bucket hats and key holders. Based in Tel Aviv, they are building a brand on a foundation that celebrates quality, craftsmanship, and tradition at every stage from raw material to finished product. Their goals are simple; to envision, design, and create in-house and by hand, beautiful pieces.

Bamboobike create what it sounds like - e-bikes from bamboo. They are made in northern Israel by women from minority and disadvantaged communities. The bamboo is grown in Israel, made to last and offers a solution that combines both, green nature and better riding experience. 

Noa Sharon is a Tel Aviv based jewelry designer. Sharon works with a family business that provides her with leftover metals such as silver and gold, and nothing goes to waste. She creatively up-cycles leftovers from all her work.

Like Lily (or Lilyja) is a jewellery designer creating and recycling. Lily collects all of the silver scraps that she generates while creating her handmade jewelry line and takes them to a friend’s studio, where they are all melded together and rendered useful again. 

Soap factory uses 100% pure ingredients. They use at least 33% pure Israeli olive oil in all their cold-process soap, enriching each bar with their blends of essential oils picked the finest ingredients from all corners of the earth such as lavender form France, patchouli form India, and Israeli mint.

Hadas DUSA is a sustainable fine jewelry designer making her jewellery from fair-trade gold and diamonds inspired by sustainable and mindful practices. DUSA cares for the environmental by her initiatives to give back by planting a one-tree-planted-donation upon every purchase.   

Ayala Moriel is an independent artisan perfume house dedicated to the art of natural perfumery. The company was founded in 2001 by master perfumer Ayala Moriel, who creates beautiful and inspiring Botanical Perfumes that are world-renown for their artistry, story-telling and integrity. Ayala Moriel designs and handcrafts natural perfumes from pure, precious botanical essences that are carefully selected from around the world. 

Inokim are electric scooters and are the green brainchild of award-winning product designer-engineer-entrepreneur Nimrod Riccardo Sapir. The lightweight folding e-scooters run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and charge up in five to six hours.

Holy Cacao is what it sounds like it is - a chocolate brand. They are engaged from the moment the cacao bean is harvested by independent farmers all the way through the casting, cooling, and wrapping stages of the chocolate bar itself. They personally travel to meet the farmers they work with.

KitePride is up-cycled bag brand with a social cause behind it. located in Tel Aviv, KitePride creates bags from discarded kite surfing kites, sails and parachutes. Thats not it. They provide rehabilitation employment to survivors of prostitution. So, through every bag purchased a social and environmental impact is created.

The Valentine’s Day countdown is on, so hop on to this years best pic of eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts and leave your last-minute woes at the door!

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