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Striking for change - KitePride

Towards a better future 

Kids worldwide are on strike for the climate. In over 200 nations, children are calling for adults to take action and stop ruining the planet’s future.

`Listen up, grown-ups around the world: You’ve failed us`.

That is the message millions of young people from Sydney to Warsaw to London and beyond carried to the streets, as they skipped school to stage strikes demanding urgent action on climate change.

The global strike is the third this year and involved more than 3,000 protests, according to Fridays for Future, the group that organized them.

It's personal

The movement has been compared to earlier social movements, including women’s suffrage, civil rights, gay and lesbian rights, and anti-war protests during the Vietnam war, to name a few.

Whether or not this movement will succeed in compelling world leaders to move more rapidly to improve the planet’s energy system, we can ALL do our part in creating change and saving our planet.

Our strike for change is ingrained within our business model of upcycling which is defined by circular economy. Within this system, waste does not exist. We believe that one man's trash is another man's treasure. To us, it makes no sense – environmentally or financially – to throw away resources. That is why we inspire ocean lovers from around the world to donate their old kites, sails, parachutes and wetsuits rather than trashing them. We upcycle these fabrics, turning them into durable BAGS, saving fabric from landfill. Not only our are bags eco friends, they are also socially friendly. Here at KitePride, we provide safe rehabilitation employment to women and men exiting human trafficking and modern day slavery.   

Through the process of upcycling fabrics, we are healing our planet and making sure that future generations have a home to live in. To us, caring for the environment is the only logical way in paving the way towards a better future - one that our children and grandchildren can enjoy.

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