No ordinary rooftop

No ordinary rooftop - KitePride

If you are looking to host an event that will completely WOW all attending, our unique rooftop will offer you exactly that. Why is our unique space unique? Well, unlike other venues and rooftops, our venue is attached to a social cause!

Let's take a step back. Our business KitePride exists to provide jobs for women and men exiting human trafficking and prostitution by creating bags from upcycled fabrics. Unfortunately, there are often limited or no job opportunities presented to women and men wanting to safely exit human trafficking and prostitution, often leading one back into the a vicious cycle. This is where we come into the mix. Our business provides safe rehabilitation employment by creating bags. Hold on, these are no ordinary bags. These bags are upcycled from old gear that was headed to the trash such as kitesurfing kites, sails, parachutes, wetsuits, and parachutes. We proudly inspire ocean lovers from around the world to donate their old gear instead of trashing it. So, through the sale of each bag, you are provide continuous employment whilst saving fabric from landfills. How cool is that!

Okay, back to our rooftop. We figured why not maximize our resources and generate income via additional channels other than selling bags in order to cover our social costs such as providing lunch for our employees day after day. 

By adopting the notions of the circular economy, we believe in improving our economic performance by taking maximum advantage of resources by reducing waste and empty space. You may be familiar with the newest buzzword, “sustainability”. It is a buzzword that has become associated with reusing plastic bags and reducing carbon emissions however, it is also associated with using spaces. Our rooftop should serve multiple functions other than being used by our employees during work hours. We wouldn't want to eliminate the potential for our rooftop to be turned into a meeting ground for networking or used as a venue to share talents with the world or to be a stage for telling stories or a center for creating a community… the possibilities are endless.

So, whether you are looking for workshops, business events, company parties, meetups, or any other type of events, come to our rooftop knowing your buck will go further than the actual venue you will be standing in.

Okay, a little about our roof. It is around 20m by 30m. It can hold up to 60 seating and 150 standing people. It is equipped with upcycled furniture made from repurposed wooden palettes. It has awesome south Tel Aviv city views.

So, instead of our unique rooftop remaining lonely and empty night after night, help us fill it with people. Hello Shoken 11.

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