Creating a Better Future

Creating a Better Future - KitePride

Since our establishment, we have been creating safe rehabilitation employment for men and women escaping human trafficking AND saving used fabric from wasting away in landfill. Each KitePride bag sold gives a second wind to people and material, and we have our customers to thank for turning our mission of combating modern-day slavery in a sustainable way into a movement.

But our environment is facing more and more danger and the number of slaves in the world today remains painfully high.

  • In order to stop modern-day slavery, there must be a way out for these people--jobs with living wages, safe working conditions, fair hours… and we are committed to offering just that.
  • In order to help the environment, we have to stop throwing away materials that still hold value--that’s why we repurpose high-quality used fabric to create our unique products.

Our supporters are not only awesome customers rockin our bags! Over 40 Individuals and organizations from around the world donate money to support our employees. We are proud to receive over $35,000 in annual donations that get invested into our employees’ education, health care, professional coaching, counseling, and healthy daily meals.

Specific Examples of the Impact of our Sponsor an Employee Program:

  • When one of our employees came to us struggling to pay her rent, those donations helped us pay it for her until she was back on her feet and able to provide for herself.
  • An employee approached us with severe dental problems, and over the course of an entire year, all of her dental expenses were paid for by donations.
  • When an employee came to us seeking critical legal advice, the program enabled us to cover the costs and provide her with the necessary information and support to move forward.

With every KitePride purchase or donation, you're taking a stand--for the problems of today, and for a better tomorrow.

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